Battle tested since 2005 with multiple ongoing Parliamentary engagements, we offer innovative solutions that allows for both in-house and remote sittings governance that is flexible and customisable to your own existing business processes. This includes e-voting, remote sitting and distributing content to members of Parliament.

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Fully Responsive

The portal has been designed to be full responsive and to cater for different devices including desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Easy access to information that is available via a range of mediums allow for staff and members to collaborate easily with Parliamentary data and systems.


Remote Ready

The portal and its functions can be managed internally and/or externally. The choice is yours. We have the capability to run remote sittings/committees, run divisions/votes and automatically transribe transcripts for initial draft distribution.


Secure by Design

We do not store any login information, this is all controlled by you, we don't have any access period. We offer a choice when it comes to hosting your data. The preferred model is that the data repositories and documents are hosted by the customer, however the choice is yours to make.


Modular in Approach

You can pick and choose what modules you wish. This could just be a single module such as e-voting, petitions, Hansard or committee management. The choice is completely yours. We offer tight integration between the modules and automation of data flow where it fits your business needs.


Easy To Customize

Built with the experience developed over the last 15 years, we have a unique understanding of the differences between each implementation and the requirements of each Parliament as no one implementation is the same. Each page has been built to be easily customisable, to be extended and for your own specific workflow or process to be applied.



We offer a range of integrations to Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams (to facilitate meetings, e-voting, questions on notice), along with the ability to connect the data to Power Automate and Power BI for reporting purposes.

What does our process look like?


Register your interest

Register your interest by contacting our Parliamentary team (info@parliament.io) to get an understanding of what feature sets and modules that you would be interested in trialing.


Review the modules

Review the modules that are available. We recommend starting small to focus on your key objectives instead of wanting all functionality up front.



We will configure a trial to your specifications and run through workshops to ensure the best result for your own workflows and procedures.



Once the trial and configuration has been completed, you can then decide if this will suit your organisation and your own objectives and then roll out to the wider community.


What modules do we have?

  • e-Voting
  • e-Submissions
  • Sitting Calendar
  • Members
  • Bills
  • Committees
  • Inquiries and Submission
  • Management
  • Tabled Papers
  • House Papers
  • Precedence
  • Public API Management
  • e-Petitions
  • Hansard (Transcription)
  • Document Assembly and Automation
  • Meeting/Parliament Bot for Microsoft Teams
  • Advanced Search
  • Records Compliance Management
  • Votes and Minutes
  • Cross Agency Collaboration
  • Question Management (Questions on Notices, Without Notice)
  • Standing Order/Sessional Order Management

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"I'm pleased to say that we have now moved into the new century."

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